Kim rethinking United States talks, launch moratorium, North Korean official says


"On our way back to the homeland, our chairman of the state affairs commission said, 'For what reason do we have to make this train trip again?'" Choe told reporters.

But Mr Pompeo said he is "hopeful" that discussions will continue.

"In Hanoi, on multiple occasions, he spoke directly to the President and made a commitment that he would not resume nuclear testing" or missile testing, Pompeo said. "That's Chairman Kim's word".

"The two sides exchanged views on the situation of the Korean Peninsula and discussed urgent issues regarding the development of bilateral relations, including a schedule of political contacts and prospects for advancing cooperation in practical areas", Russia's foreign ministry said in a press statement.

Choe blasted Washington chiefs, claiming they threw away a "golden" opportunity at its recent summit and added Kim might rethink a moratorium on missile launches and nuclear tests.

North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui told reporters and foreign diplomats on Friday that Kim will soon make a decision on whether to continue talks with Trump, but said the regime has no intention of compromising or even continuing conversations unless the USA makes concessions.

"We have no intention to yield to the United States demands in any form, nor are we willing to engage in negotiations of this kind", TASS cited Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui as saying. "The failure of the talks came despite what Choe described as a "mysteriously wonderful" chemistry" between Trump and Kim.

Many experts see signs of a hardening of the USA stance post-Hanoi, with Bolton taking a leading role in the media ruling out any sanctions relief until North Korea fully denuclearizes and even threatening to ramp up sanctions.

Representatives for U.S. Department of State did not immediately reply to a request for comment. "We'll look at ramping those sanctions up in fact", Bolton said.

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"It was all about the sanctions". "Sometimes you have to walk and this was one of those times", he said.

Pompeo told Fox News he did not want to forecast "what we will do or what we might do" if Kim were to resume testing, but added: "That would be most unfortunate".

Russian Federation and China, which border North Korea, have the relatively closest diplomatic relations with the extremely insular North Korean state.

The two leaders first met in Singapore a year ago, in an unprecedented summit between a USA sitting president and a North Korean leader. She said statements by senior Trump advisers since the summit have further worsened the climate.

So does this mean a return to "fire and fury"? After the Singapore summit last June, Pompeo held the first meetings with North Korea, meeting his counterpart Kim Yong Chol in Pyongyang that July.

Trump has pointed to North Korea's freeze in nuclear and missile testing since 2017 as a positive outcome from almost a year of diplomatic engagement with North Korea. In the meantime, he said, "we have stopped missile testing and nuclear testing".

Joel Wit of the 38 North think tank said North Korea was likely toughening its negotiating position after the collapse of the Hanoi summit.

It is worth noting Choe Sun-hui still praised the personal relationship between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo insisted that North Korea is keeping open the possibility of continued talks after Pyongyang's deputy foreign minister said they might walk from negotiations, criticizing the top U.S. diplomat and national security adviser John Bolton for creating "an atmosphere of hostility". This announcement lets them know, along with the Trump administration, that Mr Kim is standing firm.