Judge blocks Trump's small-business health insurance plan


"The Association Health Plan rule opened healthcare options for dozens of associations representing thousands of small businesses and sole proprietors and provided them with access to the same type of affordable healthcare options offered by other employers". He did say at one point that he was waiting on former House Speaker Paul Ryan to prepare a plan.

President Donald Trump's efforts to see the legislation repealed, as he promised during his presidential campaign, failed in the Senate in 2017.

Trump told the attendees of the Senate GOP lunch on Tuesday that Congress needs to come up with a better law than the Affordable Care Act, and he has repeatedly hyped the GOP as the "party of health care", despite that party's reluctance to engage the issue.

Many GOP lawmakers feel the White House should own the health care issue because the President is the one who dragged Republicans back into a battle they lost.

"I've expressed to my team, if something does happen, we need to be ready to move immediately to protect people who have pre-existing illnesses", the Republican governor told reporters Tuesday.

While this case won't be resolved anytime soon, the Trump administration's decision to advocate for the end of the current system gives 2020 candidates an opportunity to hammer Republicans for being against the improvements Obamacare made to the United States healthcare system without a way of ensuring that whatever comes next will be better. Many congressional Republicans see the Texas lawsuit as a political land mine. He is delivering on some of the goals like the massive tax cut. Some estimate that up to 20 million Americans could lose their health insurance policies. Former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Federal Emergency Relief Administration had declared health care a fundamental human right. Lyndon Johnson in 1964 got Congress to enact Medicare and Medicaid.

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Kennedy, a member of the House Energy & Commerce Committee that vets health care bills, says Congress could follow the Massachusetts' lead and push for bipartisan reforms - if only his colleagues across the aisle were willing. But it's important to remember that the basic idea behind Obamacare-universal health care via the private sector-is something that President Richard Nixon, Sen.

The Justice Department's move to fully support the district-court's decision during the appeals process marks a change from its previous position, which advocated only striking down part of the landmark healthcare reform law passed by Democrats and signed by then-President Barack Obama in 2010. The GOP has been working more to undo this law since its passage than either fixing it or replacing it. His failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act constitutes a broken promise to his base. But despite all the hard work necessary to create a new health care insurance system, all Trump does is talk a good game.

"The House Democrats' bill", Rubin notes, "sets out a proposal to, among other things, reduce health-care premiums-capping out-of-pocket costs at 10% of income-and expanding tax credits for those beyond 400% of the federal poverty line: $104,000 for a family of four...."

Rubin also cites a March 26 Quinnipiac poll saying that US -based voters, including 60% of Democrats, prefer 55%-32% to improve the health care system in the USA rather than replace it. And they are looking to let states alter their Affordable Care Act programs, including allowing them to funnel subsidies to people buying coverage outside the exchanges. They will not get this from the Republicans.

Robert "Frank" Jakubowicz is a regular Eagle contributor.