Is this outfit inappropriate for flying?


O'Connor said a manager then "went to get [her] bag to remove [her] from the flight".

"The staff said nothing to him", she wrote.

Others were not so sympathetic and backed Thomas Cook's actions, stating that Ms. O'Connor should have dressed more appropriately and was seeking attention for her actions. A male passenger on the flight had also called her a "pathetic woman" and told her to "put a f***ing jacket on".

Miss O'Connor, 21, took to Twitter to complain about how she was treated and posted a picture of what she wearing - a bralet and high-waisted pants.

The 21-year-old, from Birmingham, told Holly and Phil that a poll she had conducted on Twitter had seen 85 per cent of 47,000 people vote against the airline's decision to oppose the outfit she wore on the flight from Birmingham to Tenerife.

Ultimately, she ended up putting a jacket on to appease staff and social commentator, Liz Brewer - who appeared alongside Emily on the This Morning sofa - said staff were right to kick up a stink about the "demeaning outfit".

Emily O'Connor was left "physically shaking" after she was told that her outfit was inappropriate and that she would be removed from the flight from Birmingham to Tenerife unless she covered up.

She posted on social media about the incident once she was back in the United Kingdom.

Do you think Emily's top is offensive
Do you think Emily's top is offensive

She said: "It's the principal".

Liz added: "I don't want to criticise you Emily but we live in a world today where we get all these sexy selfies". "I know these tops you were wearing are indeed a top but look like a bra".

Thomas Cook has since apologised for the way staff handled the situation.

Speaking to BBC News, a Thomas Cook spokesman said the airline was "sorry" to have upset Miss O'Connor.

The spokesperson added that Thomas Cook has "an appropriate clothing policy" similar to most airlines which "applies equally to men and women of all ages without discrimination".

For me as a woman, or a man, any gender, any sex, you should be able to show your body in any way you deem appropriate.

Phil and Holly were supportive of Emily and viewers watching from home also sided with her, with one saying: "Since when can't you wear a crop top/ vest on a plane going on holiday!"

Thomas Cook says passengers who wear inappropriate attire "will not be permitted to travel unless a change of clothes is possible".

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