Health professionals support students in their strike for healthy climate action


"As climate change is the most serious threat to human health in the 21st century, health professionals recognise the urgent need for rapid change at all levels of society".

A prominent pupil in the Irish climate strike movement has rejected the Taoiseach's recent endorsement of students until he acts appropiately to tackle our runaway emissions. Although there is not an organized strike at BHS, the environmental club, Leader in Environmental Awareness and Protection (LEAP), will have a petition for Vermont legislature encouraging them to have stronger policies on climate change.

"The generation that is now making the decisions are not making good enough decisions and as young people who have to live in the consequences of the decisions that are being made today and in the past, we should have a voice", Mudgway said.

Marlow Baines, one of the event's organizers, said students from at least seven Front Range high schools, as well as many at the University of Colorado Boulder, will walk out of classes at noon Friday.

"And our government refused to listen".

"Keep fighting, keep speaking, keep standing up, keep resisting, and fight until we get what we need".

NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes had warned students and teachers against attending the rally saying, "the law is very clear, this is a notified school day, kids should be at school".

Youth and worldwide speakers, as well as folk-activist musician Luke Wallace, will be opening the event at the Legislature beginning at 12 p.m. Students will then take to the streets at 1 block traffic at Fort and Douglas Street, where many of Canada's big banks, which continue to invest in fossil fuels, are located. Even though Vivanco is not participating in the strike, she is glad that students around the world are.

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Below, Alexia tells Women's Agenda why she made a decision to get so heavily involved in the climate strike, her part in the initiative Climate Leaders and why she can't sit at school anymore and do nothing.

"While failing to take the necessary actions to protect health, we are also missing out on the potential to improve our quality of life now and for our children's future".

Each Friday since August 2018, Greta Thunberg has skipped school to strike on the steps of Stockholm's Parliament building, demanding government take radical action on climate change.

"I am really passionate about climate change and the impact it has on our environment and I feel it is the biggest issue facing young people in the future".

"If you think we should be in school instead, then I suggest that you take our place in the streets", she added.

"That is not the case", she said.

We are too young to be able to do that.