Google reportedly shifting employees away from tablet, laptop division


However, with Google allegedly abstaining from outright laying off employees or eliminating their positions, Google seems to be erring on the side of caution while still giving itself the chance to re-up its investment in hardware at a later date. Since the market is insanely competitive and margins are low, it seems Google decided that perhaps it would be best to concentrate its efforts on its products that are doing well for now.

Considering these cutbacks aren't necessarily permanent - Google has asked employees to seek temporary roles within other divisions - there's still a possibility that certain people will be transferred back to the Create team after the current situation has been assessed.

In the meantime, Google will probably continue focusing on its smartphone and Home hardware businesses.

Since its introduction in 2016, the Made by Google initiative has led to a number of successful products ranging from smartphones to smart speakers.

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Manufacturing jobs have reportedly not been affected which implies that Google is only reassessing its plans for future products and the near-term devices will be launched as per plans. Still, the Pixelbook, with its aluminum chassis and high-end screen, was seen as a model for what a premium, Mac-like Chromebook could look like. The tablet is, well, a Google tablet, and as usual, it debuted to a lukewarm reception. One source confirmed that the company indeed had "a bunch of stuff in the works" prior to the employee shift. While there is no indication that Google plans to abandon the Pixelbook, the staff reductions suggest that Google is unlikely to flesh out its in-house line of Chromebooks with a wider variety of products and prices. The Pixel Slate was a weird Chrome OS tablet with a detachable keyboard, made as a competitor to the Microsoft Surface and Apple iPad Pro.

Google is the disputed king when it comes to software and associated technologies, but the same can not be said for hardware.

You could also call the "laptop and tablet" division the "Chrome OS" division.