Facebook says outages due to 'server configuration change'


Facebook Inc. said on Thursday it had restored service to its main app and Instagram, after the world's largest social network suffered a major outage that frustrated users across the globe for about 24 hours.

Facebook says its lengthy outages over the past day were the result of a "server configuration change". The company said it has fixed the glitch. Some people weren't able to reach Facebook's website and apps, including Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

"We're very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone's patience", Facebook said. The outages started midday EDT Wednesday. Facebook said the issue had been resolved and that it's systems were recovering. By Thursday morning, though, services seemed to be coming back online.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp suffered a global outage. What happened?
Facebook Apologizes for Outages, Says It Has Resolved ‘Server Configuration’ Error That Led to Access Problems

According to the website Downdetector, Facebook's outage spanned the globe, with reports of disruptions concentrated on the U.S. East Coast and in the United Kingdom. It also affected people on the West Coast, including in Portland.

It also said it was considering whether to refund advertisers for lost exposure due to the problems, which internet outage trackers showed affected users in Europe, Japan, and North and South America.

A Facebook spokesperson told CNN Business that despite some online rumors, the issue was not caused by a hack or an attack, adding that the company was focused on resolving the issue and hoped to eventually share details about what caused the problem.

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