All female spacewalk ditched - because astronaut hasn’t got a suit that fits


It was only later when they discussed the details of the mission that they realized that it would have been the first scheduled spacewalk done by an all-women crew. Two of the women have something the earliest female astronauts couldn't: Military backgrounds. Ms. McClain had thought she would be able to work in a large-size torso, but after her spacewalk last Friday, she wore a medium-size body and learned that it fit her better.

However, on a spacewalk last week, McClain found that a medium-sized version of the space suit's inner piece fit her best - and there is only one that would be available before the spacewalk on the station.

GREENFIELDBOYCE: So the available sizes are medium, large and extra-large.

NASA astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch, now on board the International Space Station, were due to head outside the station for a full day of maintanence work on Friday, assisted on the ground by Kristen Faccio, from the Canadian Space Agency.

Schierholz further explained to The New York Times that "when you have the option of just switching the people, the mission becomes more important than a cool milestone".

Well, sure. But it's not like the composition of the crew was unknown.

Cooper and his team of astronauts explored the deep space and unknown worlds wearing space suits that ook plausible and realistic. "It is more efficient to swap spacewalkers than to reconfigure the elements of the spacesuit".

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NASA's first all-female spacewalk is canceled, at least for now.

Well, okay. But that makes the problem even harder to understand.

The suit components are then assembled. Were they figuring she would grow into it? "The latest class of NASA astronauts, selected in 2013, includes four women and four men".

There are now six spacesuits on board, including two in medium size, according to Stephanie Schierholz, spokesperson for NASA spaceflight.

NASA astronaut Anne McClain reacts as her spacesuit is tested prior to launch onboard the Soyuz MS-11 spacecraft at the Russian-leased Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on December 3, 2018. How can it not have the right size suit? As of Monday, the agency was still primed and ready, introducing us to the astronauts. Only one such top can be made by Friday, the agency said, and it will go to Koch.

Koch and Hague will now complete the next spacewalk on Friday, March 29. It's got to be carefully prepared, and it's not going to happen for her before Friday.

Indeed. I don't pretend to understand the technical and logistical challenges of making spacesuits. But was it too much to ask that such a renowned entity could get a thing like a space suit correctly sized? They aren't looking for a suit with an empire waist.