Your Spotify account may be terminated if you try to block ads


Spotify has made a change to its Terms of Service that hint at a big crackdown on users who take measures to avoid advertisements. The new language states that users caught either providing ways to get around advertisements or using these technologies will have their accounts suspended or will be immediately terminated as customers.

If Spotify stop the use of ad blocking software across the platform, artists and labels will benefit.

Some Spotify users have used modified accounts and ad-blockers to circumvent the advertisements being played, and Spotify has been cracking down on this activity.

"Spotify respects intellectual property rights and expects you to do the same", it said.

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What just happened? It shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to learn that Spotify doesn't want people using ad blockers.

When Spotify went public past year, selling its shares on Wall Street for the first time, it disclosed to investors that about 2 million users deployed technology created to "suppress advertisements".

In March, The Verge reported that 2 million users were dodging ads with certain blocking apps and accounts.

The service is updating its terms of service, effective March 1, to make it clear that the use of ad-blockers and similar services that prevent ads from playing is not allowed. But profitability has been extremely hard, so much so that it just posted the first profitable quarter in the streaming service's twelve-year history. Premium Spotify accounts aren't targeted by the new rules since the service only displays ads to free subscribers.