You now get a useful right click menu on your Gmail


Google announced the change on the G Suite Updates blog. With the latest addition, users can take more actions directly from a message. The options are slightly different depending on whether or not you have conversation mode on, but cover many key functions.

We already know most of you use the Gmail app on your Android phones, so we're also assuming most of you use the standard Gmail web interface, too. You'll be able to find other messages by sender, for example, or other messages with the same subject line if conversation view is turned off. My personal favorite will probably be "Open in a new window". For a service as versatile as Gmail, the right-click context menu has been rather sparsely populated, with just four actions available.

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Good news for Gmail users: Google team has made a decision to implement a shortcut menu that can be activated by right clicking on an incoming email.

At present, a right click only offers basic functionality in the main menu - archiving, unreading and deleting, and during mail composition, it reverts to the Windows context menu instead. In both cases, the Big G says it could take a few days before everyone has been hit up with the update. The gradual rollout yesterday (February 11) for companies that have the "rapid release" selected in their upgrade options, while scheduled release domains rollout will start on February 22.