There are 230 new emoji on the way in 2019


It includes 59 completely new emojis as well as new variations of existing ones. In the video below, you'll get a look at majority. A March 5th update to Unicode will make the emojis usable online, but each company will choose when to introduce their own versions of the new emojis.

Expect new emojis coming this year to mobile platforms including iOS and Android. Updates will start hitting in April and continue through the end of the year, according to Emojipedia.

Some of the new emojis include people in manual and motorized wheelchairs, people with seeing and hearing impairments, and more.

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The Unicode Consortium, the organization behind the new emojis, says the new pic is supposed to be a "pinching hand" gesture, meaning a "small amount" - but Twitter users aren't buying it. There are 230 in total as a part of Unicode 12.0, with new emoji for the sloth, otter, ice cube, drop of blood, waffle, people holding hands, and more.

One of the goals with Emoji 12.0 was to increase the number of people that emojis could represent. Unicode also added four additional symbols that weren't in Apple's original proposal: standalone characters for probing cane, mechanized and manual wheelchairs, as well as a gender-inclusive "deaf person" emoji.