The Geralt Monster Hunter collaboration will feature a familiar Witcher 3 monster


And after seeing today's trailer, color us quite impressed.

The DLC adds a range of Witcher-themed content, including a new quest line for players above Hunter Rank 16. The trailer shows off interactions as Geralt explores this unusual new world, and also teases some of the gameplay players can anticipate in the single player crossover event.

Capcom worked closely with CD Projekt Red to develop the new Monster Hunter World event.

The Witcher, of course, tracks down his foe. It seems that Geralt will be hunting down a Leshen which is taking control of the local flora and fauna. Hopefully with the images we've seen since then, the modern styling makes a bit more sense and fan worries can be laid to rest. Defeating this mysterious creature will require the skills befitting a seasoned professional, and gamers will have at their disposal the White Wolf's arsenal and abilities, including his silver sword and combat magic. Additionally, players will be able to influence the story through the choices they make throughout the quest line.

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The rewards for completing both contracts are pretty nifty too: "Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest" will grant you resources for crafting Geralt's armour and weapon set, a new skin and weapon for your Palico companion, and new gestures, titles, and poses. Moreover, it seems that some monsters from the Witcher's world have come through as well; at least two, to be specific.

You'll be able to get stuck into The Witcher III crossover event as soon as you've grabbed the latest Monster Hunter World update, which is free to download.

The second part of the Witcher crossover will kick off next week with the limited-time Event Quest called Contract: Woodland Spirit. The content will be coming to PC at a later date.