The Division 2 'Private Beta' launches on Xbox One


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The more you know, ey? "To circumvent this, we recommend that you restart your game client every two to three hours". Upon logging in with one of these characters, the end game mission will begin.

However, not everyone will necessarily have gained access. Sorry if you're one of the people who missed out. It is open for invited players and pre-order customers. Will you be joining your friends in the Dark Zone? Well, it is simple, you can invite your friends only if you are invited to the beta yourself. After you select your friends they will receive an invitation email from Ubisoft.

"Please note that geographical restrictions will apply to your selected friends - they have to live in one of the supported countries for this Private Beta". North Korea is not eligible for participation.

Friends who already preordered the game or have already been invited to the game will not be able to receive additional invites.

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Once your friends get Beta Invite, they will only have 48 hours to respond to the invitation before it expires. Read on below to see how to invite friends to The Division 2 Beta as well as how to redeem a friend code once you've got the email. And again, Ubisoft says these and other issues will be fixed ahead of The Division 2's release on March 15. According to Ubisoft's post, the best way to avoid this is by starting the game first and directly joining the group from inside the game. The Division 2 doesn't support cross-platform play.

If you're looking to dive into the first private beta for The Division 2, then you won't have long to wait.

"On console, you can redeem this key on your Xbox Store or PlayStation Store".

To do this, go to the Beta site link above and scroll down to "check your eligibility".

How do I sign up for the Division 2 Private Beta? .