Ontario health inspections, air ambulance won't be privatized, minister says


"Unfortunately, due to the importance of cabinet confidentiality, we are unable to confirm what has gone through the cabinet process", Hayley Chazan, a spokesman for Elliott, said in a statement Monday.

Earlier, Horwath said the documents reveal a plan to create a health "super agency" and include references to cabinet approving the plan and appointing board members.

"This scheme is an unprecedented opportunity for private, for-profit corporations to get their mitts on our health care system", she said.

At a press conference Monday afternoon, Health Minister Christine Elliott told the media the provincial government will not be privatizing health care before saying the NDP used these documents as a way to profit off of the public.

"Andrea Horwath and the NDP continue to fear monger and play politics with Ontario's health care system", she added. "In fact, the document she released today, was an internal, non-partisan, public service document, which I have never seen", said Elliott. "But the entire Ford government has been hiding this plan from the public. Why?"

The section of the draft bill that Horwath warned would lead to privatization says that the super agency "may designate a person or entity, or a group of persons or entities, as an integrated care delivery system" as long as they have the ability to deliver at least two types of health services, including hospital, primary care, home care or long-term care services.

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Elliott went on to say, her government is bringing "desperately needed and overdue changes" Ontario's health system at a later date. It was a draft piece of legislation outlining how the government plans to overhaul the administration of Ontario's health-care system.

The Ontario NDP have released more leaked documents that they say show a PC plan to create a health "super agency" where front line health care could be contracted out to private, for-profit companies.

The NDP has released a second set of leaked documents that it claims shows the Ford government is planning to privatize aspects of health care in Ontario, including inspections, laboratories, licencing, devices, and Ornge.

Horwath said that the Super Agency's guiding principles is to "partner with public and private sector entities". They also show a new model of "integrated care delivery" is being created, called MyCare groups, meant to "provide patients with seamless, co-ordinated care and a single team of providers for all their care needs".

Elliott would still not rule out further private delivery of services within the public system - which now exists, such as companies that do diagnostic testing - but said that wasn't the focus of the health-care transformation.