Ohio teen defies mother, gets vaccinated for first time at 18


So I turned to Reddit and said, 'where do I go to get vaccinated?'.

Lindenberger said he got the vaccines for his own safety and the safety of others. It's stupid and I've had countless arguments over the topic. In December, he got vaccinated for influenza, hepatitis, tetanus and HPV. "God knows how I'm still alive".

Lindenberger's post drew more than 1,000 comments, including detailed information on navigating the health care system in one post from someone who identified as a nurse.

"I definitely have received messages and I've have had people contact me that are in a similar situation where they want to pursue vaccinations and their parent or authority figure doesn't believe it's right", he told ABC.

"I looked into it, it was clear there was way more evidence in defense of vaccines", he said. While his father, who shares in his mother's anti-vaccination beliefs, acknowledged that the 18-year-old could do what he wanted, his mother was hurt.

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"My parents don't believe in vaccines", Ethan wrote on Redditat the time. He says his family opted out of the required vaccinations for years.

His journey to get vaccinated, however, stemmed from him wanting to protect others against diseases as much as himself. At age 18, Lindenberger was old enough to get the vaccinations without his parents' permission. "Continued evaluation of prevalence and reasons for nonvaccination is needed, as are improvements in access to and delivery of age-appropriate vaccinations to all children".

He stated his mom was influenced by the debunked and disgraced former British physician, Andrew Wakefield, who within the Nineties claimed there was a doable hyperlink between the MMR vaccine and childhood developmental regression and autism., and he was discovered responsible for professional misconduct after a collection of media exposes led to formal investigations.

Generally, in the US a person must be at least 18 years of age to make decisions to have any sort of procedure or medical treatment, but under the Mature Minor Doctrine, a total of 15 states - including Florida, Pennsylvania and IL - allow decisions to be made without any sort of parental consent. "Generally, a minor may not consent to immunizations unless they are considered a 'mature minor, ' that is, legally emancipated from their parents", Winnike wrote.

As anti-vaccination movements metastasize amid outbreaks of unsafe disease, internet-savvy teenagers are fact-checking their parents' decisions in a digital health reawakening - and seeking their own treatments in bouts of family defiance. Vaccines are one of the top 10 public health achievements of the last century for the number of lives they've saved. "When we don't see the devastation caused by vaccine-preventable diseases on a daily basis, some people discount the vital need to keep their families safe by vaccinating them".