Newspaper Carrier Finds ‘Hours-Old’ Infant in Middle of Central California Road


A California Highway Patrol officer holds a newborn baby who was found on a road.

The carrier, Aurelio Fuentes, told the Fresno Bee her umbilical cord was still attached.

The newspaper carrier discovered the baby a short time later and brought her into a vehicle to keep her warm.

Aurelio Fuentes Jr., from Madera County in California, was several hours into his shift when the 21-year-old saw "a bright white thing laying on the road", U.S. news outlet ABC30 reported. But when he approached the object, he realized it was a newborn baby dressed in a onesie without a diaper, he toldThe Fresno Bee.

According to the Fresno Bee, a Fresno Bee newspaper carrier was delivering papers in Madera - traveling at about 5 miles per hour - when he noticed the newborn baby in the middle of the dark road. He picked up the baby and called 911, staying on scene until CHP arrived.

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An investigation has been launched to find out who abandoned the newborn baby. "There could've been coyotes, there's cars going by fast down that road", Mr Fuentes said. Yahoo Lifestyle has reached out to the Madera County Sheriff's office for information on the baby and mother and will update this post when it responds. "The man directed her to the fire station and the Valley Children's Hospital down the street and suggested she take the baby there".

Authorities are now looking for the newborn's mother. Witnesses say she is possibly a young Hispanic woman in her early 20s. He refused, and pointed her toward a nearby hospital and fire station.

She was said to have been driving a white SUV but details of her physical description are "unknown".

The California Highway Patrol said: 'The California Highway Patrol would like to take the opportunity to remind everyone of California's Safely Surrendered Baby Law.