New York Detective Killed By Friendly Fire, Commissioner Says


Simonsen earlier Tuesday. An elected delegate with the 102nd detective squad, Det.

De Blasio on Tuesday night praised officers for rushing into unsafe situations and taking decisive action when lives are threatened.

New York City police say a detective was killed by friendly fire while responding to a report of an armed robbery.

The suspect, a career criminal, was taken into custody and reported to be in critical condition, according to the Post. That was followed minutes later by a barrage of shots.

Sgt. Gorman was shot in the leg but is expected to recover. The detective shot in the chest was pronounced dead at the hospital.

'We lost a very good man, ' Mayor Bill de Blasio said of the hero detective.

"That was when Detective Simonsen was shot", the commissioner said.

When he went outside, he said "all of a sudden there were cops all over".

A witness told the NYDN that before police arrived, one of the robbers, dressed in black, could be seen escorting two employees to the back of a T-Mobile store at gunpoint.

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The shooting took place at around 6:10 p.m. after police received two 911 calls reporting an armed robbery in progress at a Queen's T-Mobile cell phone store.

"No sirens, guys", the dispatcher warns. Some walked together in a line, searching for evidence.

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer tweeted his condolences not long after the shooting.

They also visited the injured sergeant who is in stable condition. "May God bless them and their families".

"It's a very hard, painful night for our city".

The police union, Police Benevolent Association, tweeted that a detective was killed in the line of duty and a sergeant was also wounded.

"Shots fired! Shots fired!" an officer repeatedly shouts over the din of gunfire.

Mayor de Blasio echoed the police commissioner's statements saying, "I want to just note how hard it is for our men and women in uniform to go into a situation like this one, to go into a situation where people's live are in danger, where there's someone with a weapon ready to recklessly use it at any moment and our officers, our detectives, our sergeants go in selflessly to protect others and they know it's a moment where they can not hesitate".

Officers responded and fired multiple rounds, during which Simonsen was hit, the commissioner informed.