Mystery deepens over dead CEO with $145 mn worth crypto passwords


Experts in the cryptocurrency industry say there's a slim chance technicians will be able to recover the $180 million in digital assets believed to be in the laptop of the late founder of the insolvent QuadrigaCX exchange platform. "She was granted the right to administer his estate as executor on January 2", the report claimed.

The will specifically states that Ms Robertson was authorised to access his digital assets and "obtain, access, modify, delete and control (his) passwords and other electronic credentials". He was 30. The couple, who lived in the Halifax suburb of Fall River in Nova Scotia, didn't have any children. According to Cotton's widow Jennifer Robertson, Cotton did not write down the keys anywhere before he passed away, and she has no knowledge of the wallet passwords or security keys.

There was also a plan in place to provide 100,000 dollars to Mr Cotten's in-laws to help them cover the costs of caring for the couple's pet Chihuahuas, Nitro and Gully.

QuadrigaCX was established in 2013 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

She added that she has been the subject of multiple threats. At the time of admission, Cotten was diagnosed to be suffering from septic shock and other serious issues relating to his exacerbated condition.

She said Cotten died from complications linked to the disease, which disrupts digestion by causing inflammation of the bowels.

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The CEO of Canadian cryptocurrency firm QuadrigaCX spent a day at the Fortis Escorts hospital in the city, before dying of a cardiac arrest on December 9, 2018.

This pattern does not look set to change, as the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) also issued another curtly worded statement on the matter, warning Canadian consumers against using crypto exchange platforms which it is keen to point out are all now unrecognised by the CSA or any other Canadian securities regulator. According to a Reuters report, the controversial exchange has had no regulatory approval from Canadian securities watchdog for functioning as a crypto exchange.

QuadrigaCX and its affiliated companies are registered in British Columbia, but it has no offices, no bank accounts and no employees, aside from a handful of contractors.

The RCMP is aware of the allegations against Quadriga CX.

"The CSA continues to urge Canadians to be cautious when considering buying crypto-assets through trading platforms", CSA spokeswoman Ilana Kelemen said in an email on Thursday.

QuadrigaCX, the Canadian cryptocurrency exchange that has been riddled in legal and financial disputes for several months has now secured creditor protection from the Nova Scotia Supreme Court in the exchange's recovery of investor funds worth $190 million.