Lottery winner claims prize in 'Scream' mask to hide identity


A Jamaican man who won $100 million in the lottery had a most unusual way of accepting his prize money: by putting on the mask of the infamous "Ghostface" murder from the Scream movies and TV series to accept his Super Lotto check!

The person in the mask was only identified as "A. Campbell" and claimed the $158,400,000 prize which amounts to nearly $1.2 million in United States dollars.

The man won the lottery almost two months ago, but said he was sick and didn't collect the jackpot until now.

"Sometimes I feel so much pain, I forgot that I had won", he said.

Campbell, according to the Jamaica Star, became sick when he found out he won the Super Lotto in November, after buying a ticket for $1.48. My head hurt me for three days because I was thinking so much - if what I've been longing for really come true.

Back in June, another Super Lotto victor chose to wear an emoji mask to protect her identity after she won $180,900,000 in Jamaican money.

Campbell said his life was hard, but he noted that it will change after winning.

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"I want to get a house".

'So I'm looking at things that can turn over the money. Along with wearing the mask, the person reportedly wore gloves, a long coat, and trousers to hide their identity.

Campbell, the man or woman picked up the cheque in Kingston for $158,400,000 (which equals almost $1.2 million USD) without revealing their identity.

Simone Clarke-Cooper, a lottery organizer, said that prior winners have used disguises for protection.

"Unfortunately, Jamaica is not like other markets", Clarke-Cooper told the newspaper about the lottery.

Gepostet von TwistedSifter am Montag, 11. The owners of the Super Lotto even put out advertisements urging the victor to claim the prize before reaching the 90-day deadline. I want to get a nice house.