Julian Edelman shaves beard during taping of 'The Ellen Show'


As part of a special daytime exclusive on the show, the Patriots star opened up on the origins of his beard - coach Bill Belichick told his team to put "everything in the drawer" during the season, so Edelman literally put his razor in the drawer.

Taking his coach's words far too literally, Edelman put his razor in the drawer before this past season began and chose to just let it all grow, to the point where his beard expanded past the contours of Edelman's rather compact head to become its own separate entity.

"It's grown on me", he joked.

Additionally, Edelman said goodbye to his playoff beard, as he allowed Ellen to shave it all off to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Boston.

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Ellen led him to a barber's chair that miraculously rolled on to the set and snapped on a smock bearing the logos of both The Ellen Show and the Patriots.

Once Degeneres was done, Edelman looked quite different, and the crowd screamed its appreciation.

Just one week ago, they helped the Patriots secure their sixth Super Bowl title, with Edelman being named Super Bowl MVP. "Getting to experience this with them, because they've been in my corner, they've kind of made me who I am", he said, mentioning his parents, Frank and Angela. And then when you're told you can't play football for four weeks because of something that happened that you really can't get into because you really don't know what happened, it's tough. And my mother, being the loving little lady that she is, I was never late to a practice, she was always there.