Guaido discusses plans to bring in supplied humanitarian aid


"If Maduro stays in power or there is US military intervention in Venezuela, it would be very damaging for Pinera's presidency".

"What the USA empire is doing with its puppets is an internal provocation", Mt Maduro said. Guaido's actions, in defiance of the military-backed government, raise fears of possible weekend confrontations after he set a Saturday deadline for bringing in the aid.

He has already ordered the military to barricade a major border bridge to prevent supplies from entering the country from Cucuta, Colombia, where tonnes of humanitarian aid are being stockpiled, most of it from the United States.

Maduro said the land border with Brazil would be "completely and absolutely" closed from 8pm (local time), following a meeting with the military high command.

The presidents of Colombia and Chile have publicly said they will attend the free concert, which has evoked comparisons to Irish rock star Bob Geldof's 1985 global "Live Aid" concert to raise money for starvation relief in Ethiopia.

While still unclear how the aid will get across the border, Branson said 1 million people are expected on the Venezuelan side of the bridge, led by Guaido, to distribute the aid.

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Addressing supporters, he listed the planned transit points of entry at the Brazilian and Colombian borders, the island of Curacao and the seaports of Puerto Cabello and La Guaira.

The 35-year-old leader of the Venezuelan legislature proclaimed himself acting president January 23 and wants to oust Maduro, set up a transitional government and hold new elections.

Amnesty International's Americas director Erika Guevara urged authorities to "guarantee access" for those bringing in aid.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence is seen outside Hotel Bayerischer Hof during Munich Security Conference in Munich, Germany February 16, 2019. He'll meet with Colombian President Ivan Duque and other officials from the Western Hemisphere "to define concrete steps that support the Venezuelan people and a transition to democracy".

Wednesday's rally in Caracas gathered just a couple of dozen buses and pick-up trucks in Guaido's support.