Google May Announce Console and Games at GDC 2019


Now, according to a report from, Google is sending out invites for a mysterious event it will hold at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in March.

The invite itself doesn't give much away.

Google has had a presence in the mobile gaming world, but this project will put it in competition with several key industry players, both in the console space as well as PC gaming stalwarts, such as Steam and the fast-growing Epic Games store.

So, will Google be pulling back the curtain on Project Yeti at GDC? Or it could simply point to the expansion of the recently announced and beta-tested Project Stream service.

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Google only usually takes part in the Game Developers Conference in support of developer focussed events. In other words, it could be used to announce something big in gaming. While doing so, users were supposed to get the full AAA gaming experience with "graphically-rich" content that produces "near-instant interaction between the game controller and the graphics".

Last October, Google unveiled "Project Stream", a technology that enables high-quality game streaming in Google's Chrome web browser. As a standalone service or product, Google's Project Stream test and it's apparent success implies it could work, at least from a technical level. That implies that Google doesn't want to just build a gaming platform for third-party studios, but that it also wants to develop and publish its own games too.

Google is working on "a subscription-based game streaming service that could work either on Google's Chromecast or possibly a Google-made console", The Information reported earlier this month.

We'll find out in exactly one month.