French 'yellow vest' protester loses fingers in violent unrest


A "yellow vest" demonstrator lost his hand on Saturday during clashes outside the main parliament building in Paris, witnesses said, during a 13th weekend of anti-government protests across France.

A yellow vest protester was severely injured on Saturday in the streets of Paris, as police shot teargas at protesters who were trying to knock down a barrier at the French parliament.

Interior ministry figures issued at 2pm put the turnout across France at 12,100, of whom 4,000 marched in Paris, down on the previous week's figures.

The Associated Press said that paramedics were seen huddled around the injured protester, 30, near the gates of the National Assembly as they provided emergency treatment. At least 10 protesters were arrested after scuffles broke out with police near the Palais Bourbon, where the National Assembly meets.

Such vehicles have been a common sight in Paris since the deadly attacks by extremists in 2015.

Castaner said: "Every day the military. protects our compatriots from the risk of terrorism".

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In the eastern city of Saint Etienne, eight police officers were slightly hurt during clashes with some protesters on the fringes of the march there, local police said. "These attacks are intolerable".

In the south of France police blocked yellow vest leader Maxime Nicolle from crossing into Italy to join forces with Italian demonstrators.

There were more violent clashes in France on Saturday as the Yellow Vest protest movement entered its thirteenth week.

Protests descended into violence for the 13th consecutive weekend.

French President Emmanuel Macron-the target of many demonstrators' anger-tried to claw back support from the public by addressing the movement's anger with a national political debate on economic injustice. Recent polls show Macron's approval ratings are rising.

Many Gilet Jaunes - named after the yellow vests they have symbolically worn - now say they are intent on bringing down Macron's Government.