Fitbit's upcoming fitness tracker leaks in colorful images


The new Fitbit Inspire is going to be available only if you are working in a company, or if you have health insurance, and you seek a band through either the employer or from the insurance company.

The Fitbit Inspire features daily activity and sleep tracking and alerts for calls, text, and calendar events. The company is also offering a variant of the Inspire - Fitbit Inspire HR - with heart-rate tracking and select other features.

FITBIT HAS SNEAKED out a new fitness tracker, but it's not one you'll be able to buy for yourself.

In September 2018, Fitbit Care had been launched for employers and health care plan providers. It comes with a touchscreen display and can be used while swimming. The Fitbit Inspire comes in black and sangria color options and is moreover water-resistant up to 50 meters with a battery capacity of up to 5 days.

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Fitbit Inspire's HR variant includes heart rate tracking and a couple of other features. A clip accessory is sold separately though.

The Fitbit Inspire is aimed at businesses and health insurance companies, according to the report, who will give them to employees and customers to encourage them to stay healthy.

Nothing much is known about these upcoming fitness trackers apart from the images leaked which also confirm that these are targeted towards kids fitness.

While the Fitbit Inspire might not be the most innovative tracker that the company has ever put out, it could be important for the future of Fitbit: company orders could make up a significant chunk of future income as consumer sales tail off. The images reveal the fitness tracker in Pink and Blue color options and are expected to offer more options when it is unveiled.