Epic Games reveals Fortnite Share The Love event


It's set to run from February 8 to 27.

Epic Games have announced the Fortnite Share the Love event which includes Overtime challenges and rewards, double xp and competitive.

Starting with the 7.40 update, players will able to get a free cuddle hearts wrap just for entering a support-a-creator code into their client. In celebration of Valentine's Day, you're invited to join us for the #ShareTheLove event. You'll receive the item wrap when the v7.40 update releases.

Did you complete your 10 weekly Challenges and are looking for more? Completing these challenges by the end of the season will unlock five new rewards, including the Valentine Wrap and Vines Contrail.

Also arriving with the 7.40 update will be a new set of Overtime challenges, which will be available through the end of the season.

February 15-17 and 22-24.will be double experience weekends. More than enough time to make that big boy on my own.

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For those who like to play Fortnite to a more competitive level - or just want to show off their Battle Royale skills - Epic will be running the "Share the Love" Competitive Series as part of the event. Battle Pass owners will also receive some cool unlockable styles for the Power, Trog and Onesie outfits when they complete all the Overtime Challenges.

Finally, Fortnite Creative is getting a Featured Island Frenzy event.

Several placement matches will be run on the weekend of 9 and 10 February, and the top performing players will be placed directly into the higher divisions.

Epic Games has been using tournaments like this as a way to get selected in future events so this is still something worth competing in even if there isn't any money up for grabs. This will also be one of the first times that players will get a chance to see some of the new features being added to the game's tournament system with the v7.40 update.

Players will unlock the next division by earning a pin during any daily session.

This event is all about you and your squad, enjoy it! Earning a pin in the Champion Division will earn you a place in the finals on February 23 and 24.