Cliff Sims Explains Why He's Suing Trump


Cliff Sims, a former communications aide in President Donald Trump's White House and the author of the recently released tell-all book "Team of Vipers", is now suing his former boss for allegedly trying to punish him for publishing his story.

Sims' lawsuit, however, claims Trump's campaign is trying to silence Sims by trying to apply an NDA to "information Mr. Sims learned exclusively during his federal service", according to The New York Times.

The lawsuit comes after the Trump campaign has filed an arbitration claim against Sims for alleged breaches of a non-disclosure agreement the campaign says Sims signed.

It's not clear whether a campaign nondisclosure would apply to Sims' time working as a federal employee.

Michael Glassner, who leads the Trump campaign, did not immediately respond to a phone call seeking comment.

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In the 384-page book, "Team of Vipers", which went on sale late last month, Sims paints a portrait of a White House in the grips of dysfunction and recounts expletive-filled scenes of chaos and duplicity among the president, his family members and administration officials.

"It's our understanding from sources that the president was consulted and instructed the campaign should proceed with the arbitration", Zaid said. "He pretended to be an insider when in fact he was nothing more than a gofer". He said in the lawsuit that he does not recall if he also signed a non-disclosure agreement when he was hired to serve in the White House as a special assistant to the president. He signed a nondisclosure agreement.

The chief operating officer of the Trump campaign tweeted in late January that it was "preparing to file suit against Cliff Sims for violating our NDA".

Zaid asserts in the lawsuit that the United States government is "seeking to impose civil liability against Mr. Sims through application of NDAs that apply to information Mr. Sims learned exclusively during his federal service".