Chimps use branch as ladder to escape Belfast zoo enclosure


Visitor Danielle Monaghan, who shared video of the daring escape on Facebook, told the BBC she was "petrified" the chimp might "attack or take the kids".

She said she was "scared" but called it an "amazing" experience and said the chimp appeared to be "very calm". This tracks, as I can't imagine I'd very much enjoy being screamed at by a unusual child either.

A few crafty Chimpanzees managed to escape their enclosures from Belfast zoo using fallen branches to make their getaway.

Footage on social media showed the animals using a branch felled by Storm Erik to scale the wall of their enclosure.

We also know from said trilogy that most of the apes are reasonable but are just afraid to trust humans and rightfully so, we're the worst.

She said they were in disbelief when they saw one of the chimpanzees start to climb out of its enclosure and ended up a foot away when they walked over to take a closer look.

They filmed the entire escape from start to finish, and Ms Monaghan said it was a day she would "never forget".

Shocked families recorded the moment the great ape pulled itself up the wall and began to roam free along the pathways in Belfast Zoo.

"It may have been a different story if it had been aggressive but it absolutely wasn't".

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"They were shocked and they told us to "get the kids and get out right now", he said.

'It made us feel at ease.

It was quickly found and returned to the zoo.

Belfast City Council, which runs the zoo, said the chimpanzee was only out of the pen for a brief amount of time.

"We like things to be natural in their enclosure, to have trees in it, but we will review it".

He said zoo officials will now "review" the situation, but they don't want to remove the trees.

A Red Panda is pictured at the "Zoom Torino" a zoological park in Cumiana near Turin, on June 3, 2015.

Amber's escape was attributed to a problem with the fence.

But he said that zoo staff were concerned.