Bugatti’s 110th Anniversary Chiron Sport Is a Tribute to France


French maker of supercars Bugatti is celebrating the 110th anniversary of its very first vehicle with a special version of the Chiron Sport, limited to just 20 cars. The surfaces are either soft Deep Blue leather, Alcantara or blue carbon fibre. Bugatti added the exterior color scheme is reminiscent of 1920s prestige and exclusiveness with minor contrasts from matte and glossy carbon fiber, specifically on the rear bumper and wing. The front end, meanwhile, consists of exposed carbon-fibre in Steel Blue Carbon. Coated in matte "Steel Blue" paint, this Chiron harkens back to the days when French race cars were identified by their blue hue.

First of all, there aren't hardware upgrades to speak of regarding the chassis or W16 quad-turbo blunderbuss driving all four wheels of the Chiron Sport. Just in case the Francophile in you remains unsated, the underside of the enormous rear spoiler boasts a French flag across its entire width, displayed in all its glory whenever the airbrake is called into action. The so-called "Sky View" roof (comprising two fixed glass panels) is a standard feature on the new model.

Inside, the auto is detailed with the distinct tricolor stripes on its headrests and backrests of the two-tone blue leather and Alcantara seats to further reference its historic French roots. The rear spoiler mechanism is anodised in matte black to harmonise with the matte black Ettore Bugatti logo on the centre of the rear, the matte black wheels and the matching sports exhaust system.

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This first Bugatti was followed by some high points in the history of the automobile. The founder's son Jean Bugatti created his own memorial with the Type 57 SC Atlantic, a design manifesto.

The Chiron is, to put it mildly, a rather special auto. The inserts on the cylinder banks are made from aluminium with a clear anodized finish.

That's enough to get the machine from zero to 100 km/h in under 2.4 seconds; up to 200 km/h in 6.1 seconds; and 300 in 13.1 seconds. Behind the C line, set off by a contrasting colour, the extraordinary engine receives sufficient air for combustion and cooling.