British Defence Minister warns Russian Federation about high price for provocations


Mr Williamson explained HMS Queen Elizabeth will travel to South East Asia as part of the policy via the Mediterranean and Middle East carrying the United Kingdom and US's latest £70 million F-35 jets.

"The UK is a global power with truly global interest. we must be prepared to compete for our interests and our values far, far from home", Williamson said.

"I want to see our armed forces embracing transformation at an ever-faster rate, keeping pace with technological change, enhancing our mass and increasing our lethality, " Williamson said.

Williamson also said Britain would spend 65 million pounds in "offensive cyber", and bring two new naval vessels into service for operations from crisis support to conflict.

The defence secretary won an extra £1.8bn for defence in the last budget.

Britain should be ready to use military force in order to defend its global interests after Brexit, according to extracts from a speech defence minister Gavin Williamson will give on Monday.

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The defence secretary said the government is invoking a "Global Britain" mantra which must involve "action to oppose those who flout worldwide law".

The spokesman said the ship would only be ready to sail in 2021 and its first operational mission would include the Mediterranean, Middle East and Pacific regions.

He will claim that the cost of non-interventions has often been "unacceptably high" and argue that Western powers can not ignore those in need as "to talk but fail to act risks our nation being seen as little more than a paper tiger".

"Such action from Russian Federation must come at a cost", Williamson will say in the speech, according to the text.

"Instead of simply engaging in yet more sabre-rattling, Gavin Williamson should get to grips with the crisis in defence funding that is happening on his watch".