Biggest supermoon of 2019 lights up sky on Tuesday


The moon will rise in the northeast and set in the northwest.

If you really want to be wowed, your best bet is to check out the full moon when it rises in the east as the sun is setting in the west.

The supermoon has also been seen rising over Turkey's capital, Ankara.

The February 19 Super Moon is the third in a series in the first three months of 2019, after that on January 21, while tonight's will be followed by another on March 21. Black Moon is a term used when there is no full moon or new moon in a month or there is an additional new moon that appears in a month or in a season.

Regarding the supermoon event, there will not only be a full moon but the earth's satellite will be at the closest point in its orbit around the planet.

He made a decision to stay past 9pm to admire the moon set against the changing colour of the sky, while sipping some wine, he added. Moonset will occur at 7:48 a.m. ET on Tuesday. But the main thing is to have a good vantage point, such as Observatory Hill in Sydney'. This closest distance will take place at 4:07AM on February 19, though the moon will look larger and brighter than normal starting tonight and again on Wednesday.

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According to NASA, the term snow moon or "hunger moon" was coined by Native American tribes in the United States for the second full moon of winter.

Perigee is the closest orbital point in the Moon's elliptical journey around the Earth.

Those looking to photograph the phenomenon will be best served shortly after moonrise - when the moon is close to the horizon and remnant light from the sun remains to illuminate the foreground.

February's "super snow moon" will occur just six hours after a perigee distance of 221,681 miles, according to NASA. Pictures of the Super Snow Moon 2019 are being shared on Twitter and if you haven't been able to see the moon yet in your area, we have got you covered.

Lady Helen was also meditating in her home in Barangay Booy in Tagbilaran while the moon rose past 6 p.m.