Apple, VA to let veterans access their health records on iPhone


The Wall Street Journal reported late previous year that the deal between Apple and the VA will include technical support and special tools that will allow veterans now enrolled in the system to transfer their health records to the iPhone.

Veterans will soon be able to access medical information from participating institutions directly on their phones.

The VA is able to expand veterans' access to health data such as allergies, conditions, immunizations, lab results, medications, procedures, and vitals, due to the recently announced Veterans Health Application Programming Interface (Veterans Health API). The medical records data is secured with encryption, plus there's the iPhone's own lock for extra security. "By bringing Health Records on iPhone to VA patients, we hope veterans will experience improved healthcare that will enhance their lives".

"We're excited to bring this feature to veterans across the U.S.", said Kevin Lynch, Apple's vice president of Technology.

Data collected directly from a patient, say from a heart monitor on their Apple Watch, can also be integrated with health record information.

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Welcoming VA providers into the fold is a huge addition.

"When patients have better access to their health information, they have more productive conversations with their physicians", Apple COO Jeff Williams said in a statement.

The VA is the largest health-care organization in the nation with more than 1,200 facilities in total providing health care to more than 9 million Americans.

Bulb, she noted, is often hired to try and hack into mobile information systems. All these entities, plus Apple and others, may ultimately be angling to fill prescriptions and act as a broker for other health services. The paper said Apple may have provided engineering support to the VA. Lynch said that these notes, which have become increasingly accessible to San Diego patients, are not yet transferred automatically because their format is not yet standardized.