Amid Tesla Model 3 Delivery Issues, Elon Musk is Still Winning Hearts


According to Roadandtrack's report, the Tesla Model Y will share most of its parts with the Tesla Model 3 sedan.

In absolute terms, Tesla Model 3 sales topped 140,000, with Chinese BAIC's EC-Series at about 90,000 vehicles and the Nissan Leaf slightly lower than that. Right here's why Mannequin Y has game-changing potential.

As this particular job cut was not reported previously, the event could fire up investors' worries regarding dwindling demands of Model 3 vehicles in the United States.

Better still, the American manufacturer managed to place two other models (the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X) in the top five of the ranking.

We've yet to know if it's going to be a crossover SUV built for city use or a full SUV that can go on off-road without problems.

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Tesla updates are carried out remotely, as they are done via the cars' software.

The company is ramping up production of the Model 3 and trying to make it more accessible for mainstream vehicle buyers.

For some dog owners, they could not wait for Elon Musk's "Dog Mode" to be released so that they can finally leave them inside their auto while grocery shopping or attending a meeting. Musk may also talk about the new SUV's release and ordering dates during the unveiling. However, Tesla has a reputation for shaking things up in the markets they enter. Being a right-hand drive country has its drawbacks as far as new model introduction goes, as it is the norm for carmakers (unless originating from a RHD drive country) to expand first into left-hand drive markets. At the time, Musk also said that RHD production was set to start "probably middle of next year" - which of course left a pretty wide caveat on a specific month.

Like the Model X, We'll be seeing the Model Y onstage soon.

A fan tweeted at Elon Musk, asking for a dog mode, which keeps the air conditioning on and plays music.