Akshay Kumar Shares Glimpse Of Kesari, 'An Unbelievable True Story'


In the new poster of Kesari, we can see a close up of Akshay as Ishar Singh who looks absolutely intense. In an attempt to generate the interest of the audience, the makers of the film have come out with this concept of sharing glimpses from Kesari ahead of the trailer release, which hits the Internet on February 21. Now Khiladi Kumar has shared the first video glimpse of the movie.

Akshay wrote, "Aaj meri pagdi bhi Kesari, jo bahega mera woh lahoo bhi Kesari, aur mera jawaab bhi Kesari". The 2.0 actor also added that also added that he would be sharing "glimpses of Kesari" from Tuesday onwards, so be prepared for an eye-treat.

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Taking to Twitter, Akshay shared a new poster of Kesari, a movie with a fascinating storyline where he will be seen as a soldier battling out the Afghans in The Battle of Saragarhi (1897) on Monday. The poster us a glimpse into the mind of the brave-heart who was sent into the battlefield by Britishers with just 20 soldiers. The film releases on March 21. Ajay Devgn is also working on Sons of Sardaar, which is reportedly based on the same event.

Akshay has teamed up with filmmaker Karan Johar's Dharma Productions for the movie, being directed by Anurag Singh.