Some Samsung phone users can't delete pre-installed Facebook apps


When a pre-installed app is disabled on an Android phone it will be reverted back to the "non-functional stub", Wong continues to explain. Samsung didn't provide Bloomberg with any further explanation.

Specifically, owners of Samsung phones can not permanently delete Facebook as a result of a pre-install deal made between the two companies.

Nick Winke, a photographer in the Pacific northwest, was perusing internet forums when he came across a complaint that alarmed him: On certain Samsung Electronics Co. smartphones, users aren't allowed to delete the Facebook app.

The new report also brings to light how little the public knows or has control over the app pre-load deals that Facebook makes with smartphone makers, including but not limited to Samsung. Once the process was complete I was surprised to see the Facebook app appear on the home screen and can confirm that I wasn't given the option to uninstall it.

But Facebook, which has spent the past year apologizing for security breaches and data privacy scandals, is the one drawing ire about its irrevocable presence on Samsung's phones.

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Facebook comes as one of the pre-installed apps on some Samsung devices, though Bloomberg reports that there is no list of all the Samsung and non-Samsung devices on which it is installed. Only he couldn't outright delete the app, just disable it. He first tried to delete the Facebook app when he was setting up the device.

However, the customer isn't informed about any of this before a purchase is made.

Privacy International, a Britain-based organization that promotes and defends the right to privacy worldwide, released a study which claims that Facebook collected data on users who don't even own Facebook accounts. Facebook has been caught collecting data on users even if they don't even have an account, nevermind if they are logged in or not.

Other companies including LG, Sony, Verizon, and AT&T have similar deals with app makers, the report notes. "Been a Samsung customer for 10 years". "Very slimy", Twitter user Gopinath Pandalai in Bangalore, who goes by @gopibella, wrote on the site in October. "Time to move on". Samsung also said that once the app is disabled, it's no longer running. Manufacturers say that if you don't want to use a pre-installed app, you can go to the app manager and disable them from the system. I recently did a factory reset of my old Samsung Galaxy S7 in order to bequeath it to my son. If there's an event coming up on Facebook, he never marks that he's going or interested, even if he is, because he dislikes that his attendance will advertise the event to his other friends.