Geralt of Rivia Joins Monster Hunter


That means there will be quests inspired by The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt's gameplay which "offer a unique gameplay experience blending RPG mechanics" of the two games. Geralt will show up in the PC version of World "at a later date".

Geralt of Rivia, the main protagonist of The Witcher series, will be playable in an update coming to Monster Hunter World on February 8. Now, Capcom has revealed several upcoming event dates, including that of the Witcher crossover.

Monster Hunter World's Witcher collaboration, which was announced at the tail-end of past year, will be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in a free update on Friday, February 8th. The good news for PC players is that this event will unfold simultaneously across all platforms.

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Capcom loves collaborations with other franchises and Monster Hunter: World has already benefited a lot. Poogie will also be privvy to a new Sparkling Party costume, and the Handler will receive a Friendly Feline costume.

As seen on the "Monster Hunter" official Twitter, the first half of events of the "Monster Hunter World" anniversary is an anniversary hub world added with a limited time event quest.

This event definitely will drag the fans in the long wait to the game's first major expansion Iceborne, which scheduled to launch sometime in Autumn 2019.