Game of Thrones final season teaser, premiere date released


"Game of Thrones" fans, get ready. Game of Thrones Season 8 will consists of only 6 episodes, but each one is expected to be at least 90 minutes long, so we basically have 6 feature length episodes to finish the story off.

Game of Thrones fans has been anxiously awaiting the news of when their beloved HBO show was coming back and the network announced today when they would reveal the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere date. The Crypts may be a place that's full of death, but it also speaks to the importance of family above all else, something the Starks need to remember now more than ever.

The final season of HBO's beloved fantasy drama Game of Thrones is all set to return this April, after a hiatus of nearly two whole years.

Jon Snow's real mother Lyanna Stark is the first voice we hear as a feather falls from her statue before landing on the ground.

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Expect to see the saga to unfold across six episodes, each over an hour long. According to the new teaser, the show will premiere on 14 April. Get pumped, people - Game of Mother Effing Thrones is nearly back, and I can't wait to see how showrunners David Benioff and D.B. The Night King's (Vladimir Furdik in Season 6) army is heading south, and a battle appears to be imminent.

If the rumors of Game of Thrones episodes that have a feature-length film feel are true, then fans are in for quite the incredible final season.

Many have noticed that while the troika was shown in the footage, their brother Bran was not there with them. As all three Stark kids stand in front of their own crypt statues, they turn as a frost creeps down the hallway.