Game of Thrones Final Season Premiere Date Revealed


Sky TV has revealed the New Zealand launch date for the final season of Game of Thrones - and they're showing off a new trailer too.

Aptly titled "Crypts of Winterfell", it puts Jon, Sansa and Arya walking through the Winterfell crypts, hearing whispers as they pass by statues of past Starks, until they meet each other in the middle and stumble upon statues of themselves. Game of Thrones is collaborating with Adidas, the company of the three stripes.

The third season of "True Detective," starring Academy Award-winner Mahershala Ali premieres at 9 p.m.

Jon Snow's real mother Lyanna Stark is the first voice we hear as a feather falls from her statue before landing on the ground.

We know Game of Thrones season eight is like "six movies". April 14 is so soon... and also so far away.

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As they stop at the end of the tunnel, they are faced with three statues that look almost identical to them.

The trailers the remaining Stark children - minus Bran - in the crypt under Winterfell staring at their own graves as the cold hint of the White Walkers creeps in.

Last wee, HBO debuted new footage from the eighth season - that featured Jon, Sansa and Daenerys Targaryen - as part of its 2019 line-up.

Along with the premiere date, HBO also released an nearly 2-minute long teaser, "The Crypts of Winterfell".

While we don't know what's in store for Jon and the rest of our favorite living Thrones' characters, if the final season is anything like it was for the cast filming it, we're in for a brutal six weeks.