'Fallout 76': Human NPC and More Found In Secret "Dev Room"


It would appear that not every human is another player in Fallout 76, contrary to Todd Howard's speech at E3 2018.

So, how do you find the Fallout 76 developer room?

Developer rooms typically hold pretty much every item now in the game, along with special boxes containing new items that will release in the future or that the devs are testing. The inclusion of Wooby, a human NPC found one his lonesome in the developer room, shows that NPCs were perhaps considered prior to the direction Fallout 76 inevitably took. Such dev rooms are not uncommon, and as you might expect, are used to debug items and how they interact within the game engine. Exploits like this were relatively harmless in Bethesda's singleplayer RPGs, and exploring/cataloging them was nearly a hobby, but the devs are apparently taking a different approach to such exploits in Fallout 76. I think the more pressing question is "who is Woobly, and why didn't he make it into the final game?"

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What's more interesting is that a box named "All Scrap" contains numerous unreleased items inside it. It is rumored that these items may release with the upcoming PvP factions update. An email has been doing the rounds suggesting that players who enter the room could receive a temporary suspension in order to "ensure the integrity" of characters and accounts.

Despite it now being seemingly risky to retrieve items from the room, some of my sources claimed players are using mule accounts to take the items before quickly transferring them to other accounts before the banhammer comes crashing down (one source told me these items are being traded in a Russian-language trading Discord). A screenshot of communication from Bethesda concerning dev room beaches can be found here. The developer has recently made a more concerted effort to tackle item duplication glitches, which had fuelled an entire side-business of people mass-selling legendary items on eBay: sometimes for prices of $45 (35). And it's fascinating to get a peek at what's going on behind the curtain of Fallout 76's innards.

In addition to these new armor paints, MSPowerUser reports that hackers found the game's first and only NPC as well.