Bethesda apologises after leak of Fallout 76 players' personal information


Bethesda found itself in hot water with fans last week, after Fallout 76 Power Armour edition buyers noted the cheap quality of the nylon bag received instead of the advertised canvas bag on posters.

Over the last week, Bethesda has been mired in uproar over a bag.

In the latest in a series of blunders, it appears that a glitch in the Bethesda Support System has led to customer information being leaked to other users.

Bethesda's support site went down for maintenance around the time these issues were reported, and company reps say the issue has been fixed. Not only does this snafu shake our faith in Bethesda's ability to keep private information private, but anyone who filed a support ticket and then had half a mind for identity theft could easily have copied the information and filed it away for later use.

I'm not going to paste screenshots of what I have access to for the privacy of people, but I can see receipts of people from all over the world, and if I can, other people probably can, too.

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"Hi guys, we've resolved this issue".

The information leaked reportedly included names, email addresses and other contact details.

Update, 11:12 p.m.: In a statement provided to Ars Technica, Bethesda confirmed that users' PID was exposed to fellow customer service users without their knowledge or consent via "an error with our customer support website". That receipt could potentially include information like a credit card number.

'We plan to notify customers who may have been impacted. To do so, customers just needed to submit a ticket by January 31st, 2019, and "we'll arrange to send you a replacement as soon as the bags are ready", Bethesda tweeted.