Xiaomi has introduced headphones"killer" AirPods


For around $29 (199 yuan), the AirDots are available for pre-order in China, although, according to the Verge, those people looking for a similar quality experience offered by Apple are likely to be left disappointed. Introduced at an even in the company's home country of China, the earbuds are similar in design and functionality to Apple's AirPods. First off, the AirDots will last up to four hours on a charge, instead of Apple's AirPods six hours. However, that's the beauty of business. At less than $30 compared to the $159.99 price tag of the AirPods, it's a shame that these devices (nor any other Xiaomi smartphone accessories or even the smartphones themselves) aren't available to the USA market; however, there is a light at the end of the tunnel: Xiaomi's Operational Project Manager for the North America region, Aaron Yang, announced on Reddit Tuesday that the company will be hosting a NY event in December to show off some of the brand's latest and greatest products.

What's more, Xiaomi's product is targeted towards Android, which means that it can potentially sell a lot more of its AirDots, as compared to the AirPods.

That includes a charging case that can lend the headset an extra twelve hours of juice, touch-sensitive earbuds which let you perform all sorts of common actions such as taking calls, skipping music with various combinations of taps, and 7.2mm audio drivers that are capable of producing deep acoustics.

A bibliophile and a business enthusiast. They also support Bluetooth 5.0.

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It's unclear whether the AirDots will be available in worldwide markets, but Chinese fans of Xiaomi will be able to preorder theirs on November 11th. Xiaomi is also holding an event in New York City next month. It also supports the Bluetooth standards HFP, A2DP, HSP, and AVRCP.

So, with the help of interface, you can control music playback, answer calls, activate a voice assistant and the like without touching the headphone.

Each earpiece of the AirDots Youth Edition weighs just 4.2 grams, and the in-ear buds are created to ensure that the earpieces do not fall off, Xiaomi commented.

What's clear on the other hand is the fact that the tech for wireless earbuds will continue developing to the point in which they become a part of the box in which phones come pretty soon. You can reserve a pair today, sales start on November 11.