Where To Find All Sheet Music and Piano Location (Week 6)


Still need help with the challenges for Week 6 of Season 6 We have you covered with an all-inclusive "cheat sheet". One of the challenges is to find the sheet music and play it on a piano located somewhere on the map.

As you leave the Battle Bus, try to land within Pleasant Park itself and look for a light blue house with a giant spider outside of it in the north side of town. On that mountain will be a piano keyboard, and players will have to play the correct notes. Upon entering the house through the front door, take a left and in the corner of that room should be the sheet music.

The third part of this challenge then requires players to seek out sheet music in Retail Row. We've got another screenshot of this location down below. Once you find the wooden stand with music on it, just go up and interact to complete that stage of the challenge. The tasks are fairly simple but include three multi-stage challenges, one of which involves dancing around on giant pianos!

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You'll need to head west of Pleasant Park on top of a hill to find the large piano hidden in the trees.

Every week, thesquatingdog releases a "cheat sheet" which can assist players in completing all of the necessary challenges for that respective week.

This sounds straightforward enough, but combined with the pickaxe damage challenge, this is chaotic as all hell. C, E, G, E, and C. Back off a little and wait for the piano to play the music automatically. You can't hit any other notes in between, but you can step off the keyboard to run onto the next note. Once the sheet music has been collected, players will need to go to the small cliff directly east of Retail Row's Corrupted Area.