Trump wanted prosecutions of Hillary Clinton, ex-FBI chief


Speaking on CNN, host John Berman suggested to Dean that such a plan was "the definition of Nixonian".

Then-counsel Don McGahn told the president he had no authority to order such a prosecution, and he had White House lawyers prepare the memo arguing against such a move, The Associated Press confirmed with a person familiar with the matter who was not authorised to discuss the situation. "This is the sort of stuff of a banana republic".

During his campaign, Trump said that he would have the Justice Department investigate Mrs Clinton, but has repeatedly criticised the department for investigating his associates rather than political opponents. "This is what an autocrat does".

Comey also released a book in April, 'A Higher Loyalty, ' in which he excoriated Trump as a corrupt authoritarian leader who should never have been given the reins of power.

McGahn then arranged for other White House lawyers to write a memorandum to Trump cautioning that if the president requested any U.S. law enforcement bodies to launch such probes, he might risk being impeached or face other problems, according to the report.

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Dean himself said, "If I had to channel a little of Richard Nixon, I think he'd tell this president he's going too far. This is really very, very heavy sledding".

"We launched a bipartisan investigation a year ago into White House officials' use of private email accounts for official business, but the White House never gave us the information we requested", Cummings said in a statement to Fox News. It was also not clear what specific charges Trump wanted the Justice Department to pursue against Comey and Clinton, the Times reported.

The forced resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier this month was followed by the appointment of Trump supporter Matt Whitaker as acting attorney general.

Trump has publicly railed against Clinton's private email use during her tenure as US Secretary of State, as well as her role in the Obama administration's decision to allow a Russian company to buy a uranium mining firm.