Trump Demands Journos to Respect White House After Revoking Acosta's Press Pass


"You are a rude awful person, you should not be working for CNN", Trump said, further baselessly accusing him of reporting "fake news" and calling him an "enemy of the people".

The White House could revoke more media passes, President Donald Trump suggested Friday during a news conference.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, who posted a video recording of this incident on Twitter, accused Acosta of "placing his hands" on the intern and described his conduct as "unacceptable".

That was a reference to the intern's efforts to wrest the microphone away from Acosta, which he successfully resisted, and Sanders' tweeted statement was accompanied by a video purporting to show the reporter aggressively swatting the intern's arm away.

Both SPJ and the White House Correspondents' Association (WHCA) indicated that the White House made the decision because Acosta asked tough questions.

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The heated exchange began after Acosta clung to the microphone and persisted with questions about the president's repeated and angry denunciation of a caravan of poor Central American migrants making their way through Mexico to the U.S. border. She gets publicity and then she gets a pay raise or she gets a contract with, I think, CNN, but she's very nasty. Kimmel went on to say that it's completely ridiculous for the White House Press Secretary to "intentionally disseminated doctored video footage to discredit a reputable journalist", and as such, "she should be fired". "We strongly urge the White House to reinstate Acosta's credentials immediately". He expressed annoyance at the types of questions that are asked, the way that they are asked, and what reporters have said about him, i.e. their type of coverage.

When NBC reporter Peter Alexander took the mic for the next question, he defended Acosta as a "diligent reporter" - earning Trump's ire. She doesn't know what the hell she's doing. "In fact, she asked the most pertinent question of the day", CNN said.

Ryan, a Baltimore native, attempted to ask Trump a question about voter suppression at a news conference.

"I do think, Anderson, that this is a test for all of us", he said. "In particular, if you look at original, higher-quality videos from other vantage points you can more clearly see that while there was some contact between the reporter and intern, he did not strike her as his hand comes down". "But it could be others also", Trump told reporters. "The White House announced tonight that it has revoked the press pass of CNN's Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta", said a company spokesman. "You have to treat the presidency with respect".

CNN said the move was done "in retaliation for his (Acosta's) challenging questions".