Steam Link box discontinued and nearly sold out


Valve announced today that it is quietly discontinuing its Steam Link hardware and will allow the remaining stock to sell out. The device has been sold for less and less money over time, and now it's not being sold at all. Both devices were designed with the goal of tackling PC gaming in the living room. But the Steam Link app, which the company hopes to replace it with, isn't quite ready yet.

Valve's nifty little Steam Link box has run out of, er, steam, with the company announcing that it's discontinuing the gadget, with stock now sold out in Europe, and nearly gone in the United States too. It went on to explain that it had no Steam Link HDMI boxes left in Europe and only a few in its U.S. based inventories. And, if you could get past the inheriant lag and occasional game compatibility issues, it worked pretty well. So the company has been trying to draw down their Steam Link inventory for some time, and with their latest announcement it looks like they've finally completed the task. So while hardware production has wrapped up, Valve seems prepared to offer what little support is necessary for their most successful hardware product to date.

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However, it has pledged to continue supporting the Steam Link for those who already own one and want to continue using it in the future.