President Donald Trump Visits Camp Fire Site And Calls Paradise, California ‘Pleasure’


Trump's critics might have reason to speak up: over 70 per cent of Finland is covered in forests with the country being home to some of the world's largest paper and pulp companies.

There was none of the finger-pointing that underscored his initial reaction to the blaze.

Trump initially responded to the fires by blaming them on "gross mismanagement" of forests in a tweet on Saturday. "Remedy now, or no more Fed payments!"

Trump's change in attitude is to be commended - if it is honest.

Some Americans even got in on the fun.

"I think everybody's seen the light and I don't think we'll have this again to this extent".

"His general sentiment is correct - that we need to manage fuels", said Yana Valachovic, a forest adviser with the University of California's Cooperative Extension program.

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It is to be hoped that the president and his followers will realize there's a time and place for partisan politics.

Just when you think he's said or done the single dumbest thing in the history of the American presidency, he comes over the top with something even more mind-bogglingly stupid, nearly like he's going for the high score.

While standing with California's Governor Brown and other officials, President Trump stated the following.

The president cited purported comments from the president of Finland on how the Nordic nation deals with its forests: "Other countries do it differently, it's a whole different story". "I hope the president consults some experts, maybe talks to folks who actually know something about wildfires, and really stop believing these freaky theories that he has". "I want great climate and we're going to have that and we're going to have forests that are very safe".

How to make California's vast drought-stricken forests "safe" after the Camp Fire grew to the size of Chicago this month, killing dozens if not hundreds of people and burning an entire town to the ground?

"Nature provides the risky winds that have whipped the fires, the state has been in a drought and human-caused climate change over the long haul is killing and drying the shrubs and trees that provide the fuel", the AP reported.

Mr Trump is a noted climate change sceptic, and rejects it exacerbates the conditions which lead to fires.