Porsche shows off the new 911 undergoing testing


Porsche is out testing prototypes for its next-generation 911, the 992, which will be hitting the market next summer as a 2020 model.

The 8th generation Porsche 911 will launch in Europe in early 2019 and Porsche has been putting the cars through its paces ahead of next years launch. The models of the 2019 Porsche 911 have been tried in various atmosphere zones with temperature contrast being up to 85-degree Celsius. At the end of the tests, Porsche says it will have driven the new 911 for about 3 million kilometers, or 1.86 million miles. Moreover, there are practical checks and stress tests for the completely new working idea in the cockpit, and in addition instruments and shows. The new driver assistance systems and extended connectivity must also rise to the challenges of the strenuous testing marathon: Porsche Connect differs from country to country, so testing its operation and functions is very resource-intensive. The prototypes have been tested for endurance in lengthy traffic jams across various cities and on the race tracks too. Interior components must not expand or contract and make noises when exposed to extreme heat. In Finland's minus 35 degrees temperatures, the test agenda focuses on areas such as cold start, heating and air conditioning, traction, handling and braking behaviour, as well as the response speed of the control systems related to driving dynamics. Endurance runs saw the new 911 test cars on China's roads in country-typical traffic situations and proved the fact that they can run reliably on different quality fuels.

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Since we're talking the new 911 here, a big chunk of the testing was performed on the Nürburgring and Nardò tracks in Germany and Italy respectively, where engineers could see the chassis, engine, gearbox and suspension system at work. Elevation tests have run the gamut from Death Valley at 282 feet below sea level to Mount Evans, Colorado, reaching higher than 14,000 feet. Porsche says that this new test regime puts the cars under "a great deal of stress".

Also worth mentioning that the Porsche company in honor of its 70th anniversary, has released a unique version of the model 911 (993) Turbo S. This auto exists in a single copy.