News PUBG PS4 Evidence Continues to Mount


It appears that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will be coming to PS4 after a year of Xbox One console exclusivity, if the PS4 game database is any indication.

PlayStation 4 owners could soon be tucking into a hearty chicken dinner, or perhaps turkey given the rumoured release date of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

A user on PS4Profiles, on online forum, provided images and Content ID codes apparently found on the PS4 game database. ResetEra admin and game industry analyst at Niko Partners Daniel Ahmad seemed to corroborate the news, suggesting that the game will be out on PS4 next month.

Though Microsoft publish PUBG on Xbox One, and have invested in the game's continued development through Xbox Game Preview until its 1.0 release in September, it seems that they only secured an exclusivity deal for one year. The only other evidence pointing to a PS4 launch comes from a September filing for a PS4 PUBG game rating in South Korea, the nation where developer PUBG headquartered.

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While the free copy of PES 2019 is certainly nice, we imagine many Xbox One users will be after the free copy of PUBG first.

And finally, in terms of PUBG, the game's inaugural esports season has been announced for this January. In between, PUBG Mobile was released on Android and iOS.

Do you think PUBG is coming to PS4?