Iowa Powerball Jackpot Winner Pledges to Help Others with Winnings


She will share the jackpot drawn on October 27 with someone who bought the other winning ticket in New York City but hasn't claimed the prize.

A grandmother from Iowa claimed half of the almost $700 million Powerball prize, said lottery officials on November 5.

She said that she accidentally left it on the floor of her sister's pickup truck, where it remained until Powerball announced the lucky numbers for the almost $700 million jackpot, the fourth-largest in US lottery history.

West opted to take home $198.1 million in a lump sum, minus what's taken out in taxes. She bought an easy-pick Powerball ticket while they were there and she thought she put her ticket into her purse in her sister's truck but the winning ticket was misplaced for a while.

She now has six grandchildren.

When you get the numbers right, they show up in red.

Lerynne West couldn't find the ticket she'd bought the day before so asked her sister to check. "Get that ticket, get in your truck and get up here now", she told her. "My daughters had to sacrifice a lot for that", West says as she chokes back tears. The holder of the NY ticket has not come forward, according to the Iowa Lottery.

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"When I was fourteen, I started detassling and walking beans so that I could earn money to buy my school clothes and to help with the family", West said. She and her family will fund causes they deem worthy, she said. Around noonish ... I said to [my sister], 'I'm really hungry and I need coffee, can you please take me to Casey's [General Store] so I can get a slice of pizza and a coffee?' So her and I went to Casey's in Redfield ... and I said, 'Oh yeah, can I get my lottery tickets?' ...

Ms West said she grew up in a "very humble family" with seven siblings in Iowa and knows what it's like to struggle financially. "Well, nothing showed up in red because I had the wrong date in there". And, drive slow, ' West said in the release.

West said that once it is fully established, the Callum Foundation will begin accepting requests for help in 2019. He was born prematurely at 24 weeks in April and lived for one day, she said.

"Once you have won and you realize the responsibility and. just the impact that you can make, all frivolity goes out the window", she said.

She can't wait to get rid of her piece of junk auto. "Currently I drive a Ford Fiesta that people have just beat up when I'm not in it", West said, noting that the vehicle had 142,000 miles on it.

"I'm going to get a auto big enough that I can take all my grandchildren places now", she said.