How to Transfer Pokemon From Pokemon Go to Pokemon Let's Go


Here's some pointers to get you off to a flying start.

Ultimate and Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee could be the two titles Nintendo need to meet their 20 million unit sales margin for the Nintendo Switch. For more info on that, check out our Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee How to Connect & Transfer from Pokemon Go guide.

What that actually means is that to change your Pokemon Let's Go hairstyle you need to switch to handheld mode, and prepare your fingers for some folicular fondling. It includes a very interesting feature that allows the players to transfer their favorite Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon: Let's Go. The only clue the game will give you is one random NPC comment that mentions "messing" with your Partner Pokemon's hair.

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The Pokemon social media team is celebrating the launch of their new game with an unbelievable new video. Also, important side note: you don't have to have a Pokemon Go account of your own to get Meltan in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee. Well, first, you have to connect a Pokemon Go account with your Pokemon Let's Go, and transfer any one Pokemon from Go to Let's Go. Ultimate. According to Fils-Aime, "the pre-sale trends for both of these titles are tracking to the best we've ever seen on Nintendo Switch". You have to press "X" to bring up the menu and go into the settings by pressing Y.

We've summarised them briefly below, but you should watch the full video above if you want to become a master. To do it, open your Pokemon Go app on mobile and tap the PokeBalls icon just like you previously did.

Now choose the Pokemon you want to send, and select Yes when you are prompted. Tap it and find the Pokemon that you wish to transfer.