Health Department Recommends Getting Flu Vaccine


By its official end, 1772 people had been hospitalized and 82 adults had died as a result of their illness. Last year, nearly three-quarters of pregnant women protected themselves with the flu vaccine.

Ontario, which began rolling out its publicly funded flu immunization program October 22, is already receiving reports of influenza cases in some regions of the province and has recorded its first few outbreaks in long-term care facilities. The vaccine match wasn't exactly where we would like it to be.

He advised that the vaccine is only effective for one season.

What's different about this year's flu vaccine?

"This year, for the first time, we are introducing a new vaccine for those aged 65 and over which will more effectively boost the immune system of older people, so that they are better protected". While some think it is seemingly harmless, the flu is quite deadly. Newhouse said a pregnant women who gets the flu becomes sicker than others and risks premature labour and delivery.

It takes about two weeks for the vaccination to reach its full effect. That's why it's time to get your flu shot, and the first thing to know is that it can't give you influenza.

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For more information on getting the vaccine at Walgreens Pharmacy, visit here. If not for themselves, for the people around them. "By getting your flu vaccine, you are keeping yourself - and your community - healthy". The other one is that people are anxious about autism.

As a doctor who specializes in preventing and treating infectious diseases, it must frustrate you when people refuse to get a flu shot.

. Fortune Magazine reported in mid-February that more than 4,000 Americans were dying daily because of the flu. Protect strangers you walk past on campus. You don't want someone in the household who is elderly or immunocompromised getting it, you don't a woman who is pregnant getting it. If you have flu-like symptoms, stay home until you've been fever-free for at least one day, he said. That's why I'm so committed.

Get your flu shot. There are a lot of reasons why people have that misconception. The trivalent vaccine protects against three strains of the flu - an influenza A, or H1N1, virus; an influenza A, or H3N2, virus; and an influenza B virus. When you get vaccinated, you are doing your part to protect others around you. Some years the vaccine works really well and some years it's not very effective.

Do I need a flu shot every year? And boy, oh boy, I was sick. The virus can live for 6-8 hours on surfaces like door handles or counter tops, so washing your hands helps reduce the spread to these places.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses that infect the nose, throat and sometimes the lungs, causing mild to severe illness, and, as previously stated, even death.

How can you tell if you have the flu?

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