Fortnite is getting 32 National Football League skins-plus one extra Fortnite uniform


Millions of Fortnite players put away their pickaxes and holstered their weapons for a brief moment of solidarity to witness one of the battle royale's most ambitious in-game events to date. I floated, suspended in space, until being uncerimoniously dumped back to a Loot Lake with a new island in the middle.

The event began at 1 P.M. EST, with the cube rotating and hardening.

It marks the first time Epic has partnered with an outside entity for special outfits. A flash of white launched players into a bright, but empty realm that was reminiscent of a wintry version of the Matrix. To add to the weird stuff happening, players weren't able to do anything in the game except float. And all of this -the cube's melting, pulsating, spinning, vanishing, the freaky realm with a flying butterfly - happened for about a minute or so.

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The new challenges will unlock the "Lil Kev" back bling - a nice memory of the unusual Cube that was at the centre of Fortnite's weird events for so long. Your reward for completing the event is a Kevin the Cube to call your own, nicknamed Lil' Kev, as a new piece of back bling. After the end of Fortnitemares, there may also be some new changes to the game that will take players some time to find out.

Epic Games have released a blog post announcing a partnership between Fortnite and the National Football League. Warnings of "the cube is unstable" were sent to players logging in from other platforms.